Game days are the 2nd Saturday of each month at Queen's Park Arena 

“Three dice, what could possibly go wrong?”

Kroxigor felled by a goblin on triple skulls.

We're taking submissions for your best epic fail on the blood bowl pitch. Do you have a great photo and story that compares to these essential moments in Thunderbowl history? Share it with us!

What is Thunderbowl?

We're a Vancouver-area club of 40+ avid Blood Bowl players who meet every month to play in a fixed schedule league.

What is Blood Bowl?

Blood Bowl is an obscure fantasy football miniatures board game created by Games Workshop in the '80s. Despite being abandoned by GW, the game is still thriving due to engaged player communities like ours.

How does the club work?

We run a 8-week regular season plus playoffs (Cup day) that lasts 5 months. There are two seasons a year and new players are welcome to join after each Cup Day. We collect league fees to run the club at cost and book venues to hold our game days.

What is Spike!?

The Spike Magazine Grand Major Tournament is one of only 5 grand major tournament competitions held annually around the globe. Thunderbowl has been running the Spike! since 2007 and routinely draws Blood Bowl players from the rest of North America and even Europe every summer to compete for the massive Spike Trophy.

What's this 40mm business?

The original Blood Bowl pitch was designed to a 29mm scale per square. As miniatures have crept up in scale the pitch has become cramped with 30mm and 40mm based figures (i.e. big guys). Thunderbowl has printed and played on 40mm boards for decades and it's honestly very difficult to ever go back to the 29mm version once you've played with our pitches.